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"United Kingdom was offensive, and obviously not by accident, it was by design but most people

were unable to grasp the concept behind the music. The lyrics were neither messages nor opinions.

They simply existed to provoke a response in the individual listener. Some people would laugh and

most others would be disgusted. The only reaction I didn't want was indifference."


                                                                                                                                                               - Damon Alexander





            The music of United Kingdom lies somewhere between twisted humor, shock rock, brutal social commentary and outsider art.

            The punk rock movement started as a rebellion to late 60's hippie rock, 70's rock opera and disco. The United Kingdom took this rebellion to the extreme, becoming the antithesis to these movements. Where 60's and 70's music focused on idealistic principles like peace and love, often with sexual and drug innuendo, United Kingdom's music threw innuendo out the window and opened our eyes to the negative. Their lyrics focused on subjects within fringe society such as drug abuse, murder, hate crimes, self mutilation, bizarre sexual behavior and other unspeakable social taboos, perhaps in an attempt to balance the musical universe.

            This style of music, often referred to as "underground", is the purest form of punk rock because it is the true opposite of 60's and 70's rock and roll and, although many so-called shock rockers have found success in modern music, United Kingdom is so outrageous and offensive that it could never be considered mainstream.

            Like most fans, my only beef with United Kingdom is the quality of the recorded material. The bands unwillingness to deal with record companies and professionally record left us with a series of low fidelity, one take albums. Their blistering high intensity live performances never translated to tape. However, do to a recent resurgence of interest in the band, more live bootleg videos and recordings are surfacing and helping to recapture the real UK magic.

            Undoubtedly, United Kingdom is a niche audience band, which the average listener would probably not appreciate, but they should be given credit for their bold, in your face approach to punk rock music and avoiding mediocrity in a sea of Seattle grunge clones.

            I dedicate this site to the United Kingdom for their uncompromising contributions to music history and as a tribute to arguably the greatest independent underground artist of all time, Damon Alexander.

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